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Manifesting Disneyland: How I Manifested a Trip to Disneyland in Less Than 30 Days

Back in February Evan and I took a trip to Montreal, QC and then flew down to Orlando, FL. While in Florida we went to DisneyWorld and had an absolute blast! And when we got back home I couldn’t stop thinking about how fun the trip was. I wanted to go back to a Disney park as soon as possible. By the time September 1st hit I was craving Disneyland HARD. And so began my journey of manifesting Disneyland. Long story short, it is now the middle of September and we have fully booked and almost paid for our Disneyland trip down to California, leaving early October!!

I love Disneyland so much and think everyone should be able to experience it at least once. Therefore, I am going to give you the steps I took in order to manifest this trip so that you can duplicate my process and manifest a trip of your own.

Before we start I will start out by saying that when we decided (OK, when I decided) that we were going to take this trip I had no time booked off at work, no money saved for travel, and I did not win any aspect of this trip. So I don’t want to hear any excuses from you that you can’t manifest your own trip to Disneyland and I have it so easy, blah blah blah. If I can do it, you can do it. End of discussion. Also, this formula can be used to manifest anything you want: trips, money, love, etc. So if Disneyland doesn’t get your engines firing feel free to pick something else and follow along.

So without further adieu, here are the steps I used to manifest a trip to Disneyland in 30 days or less:

Step 1 – Decide You Want to Go

The most important part of manifesting anything is to really, really want it. If you don’t really want to manifest Disneyland you probably won’t be able to manifest it very quickly. There is really no faking this step. You either want the trip or you don’t. You really just have to be honest with yourself with what you want and don’t want.

If you are feeling indecisive about what you really want here is a little writing prompt to help you out. Just write down whatever first comes to mind and don’t over think it:

If money weren’t an obstacle what are 10 things you would do/buy?

Once you have decided that you really want to go to Disneyland you have to then make sure that there is no one else directly working against you. Who are you taking on this trip with you? Kids? Partner? Friends? Do they want to go? Are you sure?

It isn’t imperative that your trip mates want to go as much as you do. This isn’t a deal breaker by any means. But they should kind of want to go. If they are against the trip this could slow your manifesting down. I always feel like it’s easier to manifest a trip if the people, or person, you are going with are on board. That way you don’t have their energy of not wanting to go working against your energy of wanting to go. Plus, if they are on the same page as you it will make overcoming any real obstacles you face much easier to overcome. Make sense?

Alright, this is how I worked through this step:

Real Life Example –

I already knew I wanted to go to Disneyland really bad but I wasn’t so sure Evan was up for another trip. I started out by just asking him if he would be interested in going. He was pretty neutral about the situation but was worried about taking more time off work. I took that as a green light!

We had already taken two weeks off from work to go to Orlando and Montreal in February and Evan had taken another week off to go to Cube in July. Plus Evan has another six weeks booked off in November. So taking another week still in October would be a bit of a stretch with his boss. However, I was just happy that Evan didn’t NOT want to take the trip. In my mind, that was enough to start the planning process. I knew we would figure the logistics out later.

Evan was OK with going but I wanted him to be excited so I started talking more and more about the trip. I would show him pictures of Disneyland and talk about how I excited I was to go. Evan is happy when I am happy so me talking about how happy this trip made me instantly made the trip more appealing to him.

Next I started to ask (more like beg) Evan to talk to his boss about getting some time off. And the news we got back was not positive. We wanted to take the trip the first week of October, the week before Canadian Thanksgiving. Almost half of the employees where Evan works had already booked this week off in order to extend the long weekend. But instead of getting worried and giving up on the trip I just refused to take that as the answer. I just asked Evan to keep bugging his boss for the time off and within a couple of days Evan had talked his boss into giving him the week off!

Step one complete!

Step 2 – Plan Your Trip

The second is my absolute favorite part of manifesting a trip (or anything really): planning! At this point you really just get to start shopping so what you want your trip to look like. Get on Expedia or Kayak or whatever your favorite travel site is and start looking at trips.

Start to answer the following questions:

  • How long is your trip?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • Where do you want to stay?
  • How will you get there? Drive? Fly?
  • Who are you taking with you?
  • What are the must see and do things on the trip?
  • How many days will you spend at each destination/etc?
  • Are you renting a car or taking your own?
  • How much is it going to cost?

The more specific you can get with everything the better. Plan what you are going to do each day you are down there. Look at and compare prices. Take a look at crowd calendars and see what days and weeks are the best for each theme park. Pretend like you are actually booking the trip (just don’t pay for anything yet).

If you need some help with planning your trip here are some of my favorite Disney planning sites:

Disneyland in California:

Is It Packed.com  – great for crowd calendars and they have a great blog with the best and worst times to visit Disneyland. Also has crowd calendars for other major theme parks.

Disney Tourist Blog.com – one of my favorite Disney blogs. There is so much information on this site. Use the search bar to search for your specific question.

DisneyWorld in Orlando:

Under Cover Tourist.com – their crowd calendars and predictive wait time calendar is scary accurate. Also has lots of info about Universal as well.

Orlando Informer.com – this one is purely for planing your universal studios trip but it is hands down the best trip planning site I used for our trip to Orlando. Their touring plans were A-mazing. We managed to do both universal studios parks in one day and still see everything we wanted to and more. I highly recommend this site.

I plan my trips just on a plain Google Docs sheet but you go with whatever feels the most fun for you. Just make sure you are getting a lot of detail and specifics. Look at the actual hotel you want to stay at. Check out the actual flight times for the dates you want. And make note of the costs for the trip. Lots of times the things we want cost a lot less than we originally though (although Disneyland tickets are not cheap).

Real Life Example –

I’m pretty lucky. I have a fairly obsessive personality so when I really want something I don’t stop thinking about it. And I’m a planner. So I plan every aspect of a trip before I even know if we are going. I’m so crazy when it come to planning that I have planned an entire week worth of activities down to the hour. I’m serious. I go all out. When we took our trip to Orlando I had the whole trip planned out down to the hour.

I knew where we were going to eat, how much time we were going to spend standing in line for specific rides, and how much money we would need per day. With this trip is pretty much the same. I didn’t need to get as detailed with this one for it to manifest so it’s not planned out by the hour, but it’s pretty close.

You can check out my detailed plan for our Disneyland 2017 trip -> Here.

Step 3 – Take Action

**Scary step alert!**

OK. This step is kinda scary. I still get a little freaked out at this stage of manifesting. It’s time to stop planning and finally take some action.

Once you have your super specific plan for your trip you need to actually put some action into the process. You need to meet the universe half way and put some skin in the game to show that you are serious about this.

Before I really knew about the power of the Law of Attraction I would always make sure I had the money for a trip in my bank account before I booked it. I would save a little bit every month until we had enough to go somewhere. With this method we took usually a one week trip once a year. I know that it will be paid off by the time the payment is due. But now I just book the trip with my credit card even before I have the time off or the money saved. And now, with the power of manifesting and taking action, we spend at least four weeks a year traveling.

That is probably the worst financial advice anyone has ever given. And I don’t ever recommend buying things with your credit card that you can’t afford. However, the trips Evan and I take almost never cost more than $5,000 for the both of us. This is an amount I am very comfortable manifesting in a 30 day period. I have always manifested the money for trips I book this way well before my credit card payment was due. And I always pay off my credit card balance in full before I incur interest charges. This method works for me because I know I will manifest the money I need before my trip. That’s just how manifesting works.

If charging a $5,000 trip to your credit card without a plan makes you feel like throwing up then start with something a little smaller. The Disneyland Mobile app allows you to book your restaurant reservations before you even purchase your park tickets. You need to enter your credit card information to secure your booking but they don’t charge you anything unless you don’t show up (or cancel your reservations at least 24 hours before your scheduled booking time). By pulling out your credit card and actually making a concrete reservation you start engaging the universe to keep that momentum going.

If you want to up the ante a bit try booking some of the smaller items in your plan. Pre-book your rental car or your tickets for Knott’s Berry Farm (tickets are ~$40 if you purchase them online saving you ~$35 off the gate price – BOOM! Manifesting). Some travel sites let you book your full trip and only pay a portion up front (usually around 10%). This is an awesome way to take massive action with only part of the risk. If you end up having to cancel the trip you only lose your down payment and not the full cost. Plus with 10% down I bet you will be willing to work extra hard to make sure you manifest that trip.

Step 4 – Start Tracking (and continue to take action)

Next up is tracking. Once you have your plan in place and have started to take some action towards your goal you need to keep track of your progress. Did the hotel you wanted to book have a sale on rooms? Do you have any travel rewards point to use towards your trip? Did someone buy you a coffee this morning allowing you to save that $5 towards your trip?

Tracking what you manifest is super important so you know where you are with your goal and how much further you have to go. Plus, tracking your manifestations give you an unlimited amount of things to be grateful for. And gratitude for what you have now brings you more things to be grateful for.

There are a million billion ways to track the things you manifest and you should pick the way that makes the most sense for you. Personally, I like to track my income and free stuff with a journal. Good old pen and paper work best for me. But I also have a couple of apps that are super fun:

Lucky Bitch Money Tracker – this app is so much fun and allows you to create monthly manifesting goals. It’s a simple, easy to use app that is free!

The Secret to Money – this app is $6.99 CAD but it’s well worth it. It includes a bunch of affirmations, a tracking tool, and daily manifesting and mindset advice.

Tracking is only the first part of this step. The second part is to continuously be tacking inspired action towards your goal. Inspired action is any action that feels fun and exciting. It’s when you get an impulse idea to do something. This “something” feels natural, easily, and often unexpectedly and just makes sense for some reason. This is no logical reason for you to take this action other than it feels right. While you are taking inspired action you should feel energized and happy, it shouldn’t feel like work.

This inspired action is what is going to get you your trip but I don’t know what this action specifically looks like for you. I know that this is a really frustrating answer and I’m sorry I can’t give you a better idea of what to look out for. There is just no way for me to know. All I can say is you will know it when you see it.

Real Life Example –

Confession time: I am really bad at tracking my manifestations. I am more of a “it all comes out in the wash” type of girl. And honestly I don’t track every little thing that I manifest. But for the sake of this article I have compiled a pretty complete list. Because that’s what everyone’s big question is: “where does the money come from?”.

Cost of Trip ~$3,765

Unexpected business and affiliate income ~ $355
Credit Card cashback ~ $80
Travel reward points ~ $150
Forgotten savings account ~ 1,250
Overtime at work (included Evan’s OT as well as mine) ~ $560
Foreign exchange preferred rate (CAD to USD) ~ $180
Free stuff/winnings/gifts ~ $30
Investment income ~ $220
Balance remaining: ~ $940

I still have a balance of $940 left to manifest but our trip isn’t for another two weeks so I’m 100% confident that I will be able to come up with the extra cash. Don’t panic if you haven’t manifested the full amount you need for your trip by the time you go. A lot of the time I will save a ton of money on the actual trip which will make up the amount that I was missing. For example, I have included our spending money in the above total cost. I have no idea what we will spend or save out of these funds. The point is never freak out and start doubting yourself or the universe. Keep on rolling with the punches and know that it will all work out.

Step 5 – Feel Like You Are Already There and Stop Self Sabotaging

At some point in your journey of manifesting Disneyland you might feel some resistance. You might start to feel like you don’t deserve this trip or that there is no way you will be able to manifest it in this short amount of time. This is just some garbage that you need to clean up out of your mind. You just need to get back into your high vibe, happy place.

Once I have everything planned out and “paid” for the best thing I can can do to stay happy and excited is daydreaming about my upcoming trip. I spend at least half an hour a day thinking about my trip, looking at pictures online of my destination, and just getting into the feelings I’m going to feel when I’m there. It makes me happy and helps me manifest quicker. It also helps me get away from obsessing about how I’m going to manifest the money for the trip.

So do whatever makes you happy do that for the next 30 days. Stay happy and positive. Do some EFT if you have any fear or resistance. And just try and relax and forget about the how. See you in Disneyland 🙂