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Manifest more income, more clients, and more fun in your business.




What is it?

The 6-Step Manifestation Formula is a jam-packed educational e-course that covers 6 steps to manifesting more income, more clients, and more fun in your business.


We’ll cover things like:

  • Setting your super specific intentions for your manifesting journey

  • Getting rid of all the “stuff” that keeps you blocked from receiving your manifestations

  • Your personalized manifesting formula – because one-size actually fits no one

  • The 3 secret manifestation tricks that I used to manifest a trip to Cuba!

  • Creating a concrete action plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be

  • And, how to accept the things you are asking for so you don’t accidentally sabotage yourself

It comes with resources, templates, videos and tutorials to help you learn the basics of manifesting for your business.


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Well, who’s it for?

manifestGlad you asked. It’s for anyone trying to learn the basics of manifesting for their business. It’s for entrepreneurs
have watched The Secret and really thought that this whole manifesting thing seemed fun but found that the practicality of it was much more challenging.

More specifically, it’s geared towards wannabe coaches, freelancers, affiliate marketers, and e-course creators looking to up their game but who don’t really
feel sure about how to do that. It’s also designed to be a quick start guide to help you get serious about manifesting for your business.

We will work on changing your mindset around making money and give you some super simple tools to start manifesting more in your life.I go through each step of manifesting so you can apply the lessons right away – and start getting results now!


As your guide, I’ll walk you through the following:

  1. Deciding what you really want

  2. Creating a plan to help you get there

  3. Unblocking you from your resistances and sabotages

  4. And MORE.

This course will show you step-by-step how to optimally set up your manifesting space so you can start getting results right now.  By the end of the course, you will know how to manifest anything you want over and over again. This course can be used multiple times for different manifesting goals.


 How much is it?

This is the best part. It’s free. 100% totally free. I told you, I know what it’s like to scour the internet for freebies and insights but I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned and put it all in one place. This course is the combination of countless courses I have taken, advice from coaches I personally have worked with, and research that has taken me hours and hours of my life.

And I am giving it all to you for FREE!


By the way, I’m Zoey.

define your rich - manifestI am a money mindset coach for women in business. I help entrepreneurs overcome their money blocks so that they can break through their income plateaus, upgrade their lives, and afford the important things.

I have received so much in my life so far and now I want to share this with the rest of the world! Now it’s your turn to receive. Let me show you how!

Earn money by sharing your own special gifts and talents with the world (even if you’re still stuck in your corporate cubicle) and contribute more money to your household.

Stop having to ask others for money (whether it’s asking your clients for payment, your boss for a raise, etc.), break through your income has plateau, and take back control over what you earn, and stop sabotage yourself when it comes to money.


What do you have to lose?

Let’s count the cons. Wait, there are none. This course is 100% free and packed full of super awesome freebies, workbooks, video content, and more! And hey, if you don’t like it no hard feelings, just unsubscribe anytime and I won’t send you anything else.

Look, are you serious about living life to the fullest while you’ve got energy to do something? 


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Wait, how long does this course take?

This course is delivered right to your inbox everyday for 6 days. You will get full access to all of the content for free and you are welcome to keep the course FOREVER!

You can learn to manifest anything you want in your business and life in just 6 days!

It takes work. I would be lying to you if I said it was going to be as easy as watching a few videos and writing some nice sentences. It takes work. But I guarantee, if you complete the lessons and exercises you will see results.

So what are you waiting for? 


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