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Your Gut is Talking, Listen Up: day 13

This is part of the Unleash Your Inner Money Babe series. You can checkout yesterday’s post here.

In a recent study, Joel Pearson, an associate professor of psychology at the University of New South Wales in Australia, found evidence that people can use their intuition to make faster, more accurate and more confident decisions. In the study, published online in April in the journal Psychological Science, researchers were able to show that intuition does, indeed, exist and people can become better at using their intuition over time. Pearson said. “It’s all about learning to use unconscious information in your brain,”. There’s that subconscious brain again.

Today’s post is all about that super power we all have: our intuition. It goes by many different names: your gut, a sixth sense, universal intelligence, inner voice, your angels. Your intuition is your connection with the Universe that nudges you to take that inspired action I keep talking about.

Inspired Action

The Law of Attraction is actually only one of 12 spiritual laws that govern the Universe. All of these 12 laws work together and you cannot by-pass one just because you don’t want to deal with it. One of these laws is the Law of Action. The Law of Action states that you must do the things and perform the actions necessary in order to achieve your goals. Unless you take actions that are in harmony with your thoughts and goals, there will be absolutely no results.

So when I say you need to take inspired action towards your goals it’s not because I want to make you do work, it’s because it’s a necessity in achieving balance with the Universe. Inspired action is exactly what is sounds like; it is action that feels good, easy, and like the next step. It has less to do with logic and more to do with feeling. If something feels like the next step then it probably is. If it feels like work you really don’t want to do or you find yourself saying “I could do it this way but…” you are on the wrong track.

In order to take inspired action you need to have a good, trusting relationship with your intuition.

How to Strengthen Your Intuition

Often, our intuition speaks very softly. It doesn’t loudly proclaim that you should go to Starbucks today and grab a coffee. That’s a craving. Instead, our intuition gives us little nudges towards something by giving us brief moments of awareness.

For example, you will be walking around your neighborhood and suddenly notice some kids playing on the playground. You have seen kids play here hundreds of times before but this time you get an idea for an article for a local children’s magazine. You’ve never written anything for a publication before but you just have this funny feeling like you need to write and submit this article anyway. It makes you excited to think about and you can’t run home fast enough to start writing. That is your intuition talking. Trust it.

Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets. Here are nine easy ways to strengthen your intuition:

1. Meditation

One of the ways to strengthen your intuition is with meditation. The quieter your conscious mind gets the easier it will be to hear your intuition (subconscious mind) speaking. Meditation is a great way to shut your mind up.

2. Immediate Action

The Universe loves speed. If something feels right, go for it! Do it now. Say yes. Figure the rest out after. A lot of the time if we dwell on a decision we either lose the opportunity to act or we let our egos talk us out of taking action. If you get an inspired idea from the Universe act quickly, stay true to your original decision, and see what unfolds.

3. Get Creative

Like attracts like. And there is no better way to attract inspired ideas than to start being creative before you feel “ready”. If you want to write a book start writing the first chapter. Even if it 100% sucks, at least you will have started and who knows, maybe as you write more and more ideas will start to flow through you and onto the page. And if not, just delete the document and start again. You have nothing to lose.

4. Oracle Cards

I love consulting oracle cards if I’m stuck and need some direction. Oracle cards are super fun to play around with (and great at parties). And, as I always say, the cards are never wrong. You take what you need from every card you pull so whatever card you have, that’s the one you were meant to get. Find a deck that you connect with and try them out.

5. Spend Time in Nature

There is something about taking a walk on the beach or in the woods that just opens you up to new ideas. The fresh air, cool breeze, and sunshine do a person good. Some of my best ideas come to me when I take Bobby out for a walk on the seawall.

6. Escape from Routine

Do something different than usual. Walk a different way home. Take the stairs. Put the milk in before you poor your coffee. Just do something to switch up the routine. Maybe you will run into a great opportunity, or find a $20 bill on the ground. Or maybe you will try something new and fall in love with (or someone doing) the new activity.

7. Listen to Your Body

It’s called your gut for a reason. Listen to those sensations in your body. If you feel gross or weird around a person that is your gut talking. Get out of that situation and get to a more positive space.

If you have some money to blow and want to test out your intuition go to a casino. I always win money at the casino because I listen intently to my gut. The slot machines are my favourite, so what I’ll do is walk around the machines for a little bit until my stomach flips a little. I get this body feeling for one of the machines and I sit down at it. 9 times out of ten I’ll push the big red button and win right away. If I haven’t won in a couple of rounds I get up and try my intuition again. I haven’t lost since.

Public service announcement: If you don’t have money to burn don’t try this at home. Casinos are built to take your money. And if you do win something, cash out and enjoy your winnings. Don’t give it back to the house. After all, the house does always win.

8. Take a Break

Another law of the universe is the Law of Rhythm. This law states that all things are cyclical. Life ebbs and flows. Sometimes you are really inspired and productive. Sometimes you feel like taking a nap and eating an entire pizza. It’s all about balance. Don’t try to force yourself into taking inspired action if you actually don’t feel inspired to take any. Create good habits, work hard, and rest when you need to.

9. Learn from Others

Nothing inspires me more than reading a good book, listening to an awesome podcast, or watching a great movie. Other people are an amazing source of inspiration. Take someone you look up to, learn about their life, and see if you can take some of the same steps they did in order to get you to where you want to be.

Today’s Challenge

Today’s money babe action is to get quiet, listen, and pay attention to your gut. What do you believe your next step to take is? What feels like your inspired action to you? Have you been noticing any nudges lately? What has your gut been telling you? How does it feel to take action on what your gut is telling you? Do you have an idea of how your $1,000 may come through to you?

Let me know in the comments or by emailing me at 🙂 see you tomorrow for day 14 of the challenge!