The Blueprint to Life

If you had to describe life in one word what would it be?

I was listening to a Tony Robbins audio today from his new app, Breakthrough, where Tony was talking about your blueprint for life. That is, the ideas and beliefs we individually hold to be true about life. And Tony asked a very interesting question: “how would you describe life in one word?”.

Do you see life as a struggle? Painful? Challenging? A game? A dance? Long? Short? Easy? A party?

There is no wrong answer to this. The point of this exercise is to bring awareness to your blueprint to life.

If, for example, you see life as a party you will take actions, make decisions, and view the world through that lens. Life is here for fun, friends, loud music, staying up late, drinking, meeting new people, etc. Life is a party, man! Relax, enjoy yourself, let your hair down.

Or, maybe you see life as a dance. You see it as fluid, full of movement and passion. You canennjoy yourself with others and being in sync with your partner, moving together towards a common goal. Life can also be be a fun solo dance, enjoying the music and moving the way you feel.

Maybe you think life is a battle. You must kill or be killed. Fight hard for what you want. You win or lose. And if someone else is winning then you must be losing. Everyday is a fight just for survival.

Can you see how the word you chose impacts every aspect of your life?

If you see life as a battle and a co-worker gets a promotion then you have to feel frustrated, angry, and defeated. But, if you see life as a dance a co-worker getting a promotion is just their choreographed step and you just have different steps in different timing.

The word I came up with for life and for my blueprint is “puzzle”. Life, to me at this stage of my life, is a puzzle.

I see it as something that is fun, relaxing, an exercise for my mind, and something that needs to be figured out. Sometimes life can be frustrating and challenging, but if you just keep plugging along it will all come together in the end. There is a bigger picture and I can’t let myself be held back by the little things.

I’m not sure if this is the word I want to use when describing life. But the first step to change is awareness.

What words did you come up with? Let me know!